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Real estate in Bulgaria, what is its popularity

Today, people from various European countries prefer to buy property in Bulgaria, because, first of all, the availability of housing here is an excellent investment. Why is this Balkan country so attractive to investors and ordinary tourists who are fans of holidays in Bulgaria?

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What are the main reasons for buying real estate

If we consider Bulgaria in terms of the country for recreation, there is no more ideal option. Here you can vacation all year round, because Bulgarian resorts are not only sea beaches, and mountains for fans of winter tourism, as well as balneological resorts, allowing you to improve your health at any time of year.

Among the reasons that are fundamental to the purchase of property in Bulgaria, there are several:

  1. The uniqueness of nature. We would not be wrong to say that Bulgaria is rightfully a little corner of paradise. It combines the incredible beauty of sea beaches, magnificent mountain ranges, the tops of which are covered with pure white snow. The Bulgarian region is generously endowed with exceptional nature, with a variety of landscapes, rich flora and fauna. The climate is favorable all year round. In short, it has everything you need for a pleasant vacation - the sea with clear blue and warm water, mountains, lakes, waterfalls, mineral springs.

  2. Excellent climatic conditions. The resorts on the Black Sea coast of Bulgaria have a very mild climate, moderately continental. Spring and autumn are warm, in summer the heat is not felt due to the fresh sea breeze and the abundance of greenery in each of the resort towns and cities. Winters at the beach resorts of Bulgaria have little snow and are not cold.

  3. Chic Beaches. Bulgaria is a Black Sea resort with wide and long beaches with incredibly clean sand. In some regions the beaches located in bays are surrounded by picturesque rocky shores. Water near the coast is not as salty, compared to the Mediterranean Sea, so it is more pleasant for swimming. Water in the sea is clean, always warms up well, and in summer its temperature reaches 26-28 ° C. Many Bulgarian resorts have the international prestigious "Blue Flag" award. It is awarded for the purity of the water and sand on the beaches. This award is a kind of ecological "quality mark.

  4. Southern Bulgaria is mainly all mountainous. It is the wonderful beauty of mountains that attracts many tourists. Here the unique natural beauty coexists with the national reserves and monuments of world significance.

  5. Numerous ski resorts, where tourists besides winter sports are also offered hydro-thermal pools, sanatoriums, healing mineral springs, modern SPA-hotels.

  6. All resorts in Bulgaria offer their services to tourists numerous restaurants, cafes with delicious traditional Bulgarian cuisine and a wide range of wines. Also here will find entertainment to their liking, as children, teenagers and young people, as well as holidaymakers of advanced age.

  7. Developed infrastructure. Each small village is connected with the major administrative centers of the developed transport links. To get from one city to another you can take a city bus or a cab (here it is not expensive).

  8. The lowest level of prices, compared with other European resorts (Italy, Spain, Greece, Slovakia, France).

  9. Bulgaria is a member of NATO and a member of the European Union, which is a guarantee of safety. This is one of the main reasons for a profitable investment of capital, buying property in Bulgaria.

  10. The uniqueness of the location. The country is located at a relatively short distance from many European countries, so you can fly here for a vacation, even for a weekend.

  11. Staying in Bulgaria provides an opportunity to travel through the territory of Europe absolutely freely, without any restrictions.

  12. Low tax rates for property in Bulgaria, a simple procedure of purchase and registration of an apartment, house, apartment and other real estate.

property in Bulgaria - https://bulgarianresales.com/en

The real estate agency "Bulgarian Resales", or known to many as "BG RST", will help you buy quickly, profitably and remotely. Our company offers a large database of properties on the coast of Sunny Beach, Sozopol, Bourgas, Nessebar, and other resorts. At each stage of the transaction we offer professional support, which is provided by experienced lawyers, using the knowledge of the Bulgarian real estate market.

What kind of real estate is popular

Bulgaria is a country where tourists are offered a variety of real estate at affordable prices.


You can buy them both with the repair "turnkey" and without, fully furnished and with all necessary appliances. Among the popular apartments:

  • studios;

  • one-room;

  • two-bedrooms;

  • three-bedrooms.

Apartments may be located in comfortable low-rise panel buildings (no more than 5 floors), or in modern high-rise brick buildings with panoramic glazing.


If you want to buy a comfortable property in Bulgaria, you should pay attention to the apartments. All of them are located on the territory of modern residential complexes with their own infrastructure:

  • restaurants and cafes;

  • swimming pools;

  • pharmacies;

  • parking lots;

  • stores;

  • fitness centers and spas;

  • other.

properties in Bulgaria - https://bulgarianresales.com/en

The territory of residential complexes is guarded, apartments are intended for residence during the holiday season. 

Houses, villas

If you do not want to live next to noisy neighbors, a great option on the coast of Bulgarian resorts are private houses and villas. These are properties with one floor for several people, or several floors to accommodate a large family.

Our company offers budget apartments, luxury houses in picturesque surroundings, apartments with sea views and other properties in Bulgaria. An extensive range of housing from the builder, in the secondary market is constantly updated.

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